We didn’t have budget for a proper researchs so I took the initiative and created a quick sprint in order to learn more about the market, product, target audience and competition.

User Experience

As working with data collected during the research phase, I was able to set up user flows. After that, we continued with the first version of wireframes.

gou flujo


I used Sketch for prototyping and InVision to handle feedback, communication and make prototypes.

Later on, I did an interaction analyzer on and collected actionable  insights to iterate.


During the UI process, I used Sketch for High fidelity wireframes and I test the results on InVision. Once I had the client approval, I went to Principle to test some interactions.

I also designed a UI kit to have the elements organized and make the life easier to developers.


I needed to figure it out a way to design icons to show in an intuitive way the levels of each activity so I took the ski design system.