I’m Laura Benavente

A multifaceted UX designer based in Madrid who is passionate about designing attractive and user-friendly products.

UX Design


Date: December 2018
Roles: UX-UI designer

Description: Prototype, design and test a mobile first reservation website.

Challenge:  Creating an easy to use, user center application where users can book a sport activity in 4 simple steps. Applied problem solving skills by making necessary adjustments throughout the process.

Tools: Sketch, Principle, Invision, Html, Css, Zepling, Real time board.

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Case study

Central Perk coffee App

Date: January 2019
Roles: UX-UI designer

Description: Prototype, design, and test an app for ordering coffee and collect to the coffee shop or deliver the coffee to a specific place.

Challenge:  The main challenge was the user flow. The coffee could not be delivered to any places so the app needs to collect first the user information.

Tools: Sketch, Principle, Invision,  Real time board.

UX research


Client: alehop.com (Cace study for Neoland final project)
Date: September to December
Roles: UX Researcher

Description: Ale Hop is a brand that sells low cost gifts at its 136 shops located around Spain. The project scope included expanding their digital business and providing access to critical information.

Challenge: Through Design Thinking and the Double Diamond methodology, discover insights through user interviews,  define the area of focus by creating user personas, empathy map, and user journey, develop potential solutions by designing the navigation flow, wireframes and testing, and finally, deliver the better solution. 

Tools: Sketch, Invision, HTML, CSS, Zeplin, Real time board, pen and paper.

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UX Design


Client: UTC Service
Date: November 2017
Roles: UX designer

Description: UTC is a company who offers business to business maintenance services. The project consisted in develop an easy to use platform where workers and company managers have access to all the information related to the installation.

Challenge:  The platform needed to be intuitive, mobile and tablet friendly. Some of the problems to solve during the design process was to reorganize tons of information in screenshoots to make the interaction easier for users.

Tools: Sketch, Invision, Html, Css,

Site: utcservicioclima.es

Web design

Design, code and publish several web projects

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Design brand identity

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